Wayne Grace, Born in West London, 1972.

Drawing from a very early age with interests in graffiti and comic book art. Moved into portraiture and realism after finishing a graphic design course at college where my love of technical drawing pens started. 

Currently producing large scale highly detailed drawings with technical drawing pens.


I have from a very early age loved the simplicity of drawing,

just taking the most basic of tools and materials and turning it into a piece of art.


The only thing that has changed for me over time is the quality of equipment and materials.

For my most recent pieces i have been using  technical drawing pens on water colour paper, using inanimate objects that have sparked reminders of times, places, people, experiences and challenges.


I work using this media as I like the clarity of the fine line and how that can be played with. From simple cross hatching, building layer upon layer to produce a large scale piece of art that can take in excess of 60 hours

The more challenging technically, the better. This understandably makes my work deeply personal and hard to let go of.